Environmentum™ enables organizations to improve strategies, operations and communications. We believe that each step in navigating a sustainable path requires integration and wisdom. Our services at Environmentum are delivered in a flexible method to assist organizations embrace sustainability one step at a time.

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We have a very unique service offering through Environmentum echoing our belief that progress is driven by creativity and proven through analytics.

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  • Environmental Data collection & Analytics (Micro to Macro)
  • Invasive Species identification
  • Thermal imagery
  • Energy assets loss identification (FLIR)
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Business process, policy and procedure
  • Sustainable business tools
  • ISO 50001 certified
  • Energy analysis and modelling
  • Land Commissioning & Decommissioning comparative
  • Land Liability monitoring and reporting
  • Business/Product auditing and planning

  • Product/Service lifecycle modelling
  • Product Design and development
  • Product research and benchmarking
  • Product Viability and cost analysis
  • Industrial design
  • Product/Marketing/Innovation planning
  • Operational Innovation planning
  • North American Incubator networking
  • Partnered relationships with Academic institutions and First nations.

  • Branding and brand integration
  • Graphic design for traditional and digital use
  • Web strategy and design
  • Social Media strategy & design
  • Product packaging
  • Event design and management
  • Media planning and purchasing
  • Photography & Drone imagery
  • Video production
  • Product and Market planning with analytics
  • Project management
  • Marketing/Sales integration
Following is a snapshot list of organizations we have worked with.
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Custom solutions for your business

With over 30 years of experience, Environmentum has integrated Sustainability, Creativity and Innovation for many organizations, in many different industries. We have found it interesting to observe that progress is built on a foundation of the three. In summarizing sustainable success, we would enthusiastically recommend a “step-by-step” strategy “ over an “all or nothing” proposal. Sustainability is systemic and requires flexibility to adapt.

Sustainability is a culture that focuses on success and achievement. Let us help you to discover and implement your strategic sustainable plan to grow your business. Make the next step - a great one!

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